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For more than 100 years, the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce has been an active voice and leader for the businesses of Somerset County and the surrounding region, dedicated to promoting the area as a superior locale in which to live, work, vacation and conduct business. The Chamber’s members represent a broad spectrum of businesses and industries from agriculture, financial institutions and manufacturing to media, retail, service clubs and tourism. The common thread is all members share an interest in enhancing and improving the economy and quality of life in the region.


The dues schedule puts a price tag on the Chamber’s services to its members. In doing so, it attempts to divide the annual costs of the Chamber’s total efforts to build a better community and maintain a favorable climate as equitably as possible among the business and professional firms.

NOTE: Chamber of Commerce dues are deductible for income tax purposes as a business expense and not as a contribution. The IRS recognizes such dues as an investment in a better business climate.


Initiation fee: $15.00  (Fee is waived for businesses joining from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31.)
(One Time Only Fee)

Dues by number of employees: *

1-10 employees: $205.00
11-25 employees: $285.00
26-50 employees: $360.00
51-100 employees: $495.00
101-150 employees: $605.00
151-300 employees: $715.00
301-350 employees: $825.00
Over 500 employees: $1,100.00


Special Pricing

SEASONAL – $125.00. Business is open less than 6 months during the year and has less than 10 employees. Use default schedule if over 10 employees.
SECOND BUSINESS – $125.00. Business has the same ownership under a second business with less than 10 employees. Use default schedule if over 10 employees.
AGRICULTURE (growers, dairy/livestock producers/active/family farming) – $165.00 if less than 10 employees. Use default schedule if over 10 employees.
FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS – $6.00 per million of deposits in Somerset County ($500.00 minimum)
UTILITIES – See default schedule ($400.00 minimum)
GOVERNMENT/MUNICIPALITIES – $205.00 if less than 10 employees. Use default schedule if over 10 employees.
PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS – $150.00 (elementary/high school).
SECONDARY EDUCATION – $275.00 (colleges, universities).
SERVICE CLUBS/NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS – $150.00 if less than 10 employees. Use default schedule if over 10 employees.
FRIENDS OF THE CHAMBER – $55.00 – For non-business individuals or families that want to stay connected to the business community and have an active role in advancing the county.

* An employee is defined to be what the company considers to be a “full-time” employee or a full-time equivalent. If your company has part-time employees, take the total hours they worked in the past year and divide by 2,080 to get the full-time equivalent; then add to the number of full-time employees. Employee includes exclusive independent contractors such as; real estate agent, insurance agent, etc.

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I understand that Chamber logos, plaques, door stickers, etc. are the official identification of the Chamber and its members. I agree, that if my membership is cancelled for any reason, all official logos, plaques, etc. will be removed in a timely manner. I also understand that Chamber membership is continuous until cancelled in writing and that dues are non-refundable.

By submitting this application for membership, I agree to all of the above terms.

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